Wednesday, May 02, 2007

"Are You Still Pregnant?"

Friday seemed promising but nothing came of it. Bill started feeling very sick on Saturday with chills and fever so we missed church on Sunday because of this. He missed work Monday and Tuesday as well - you have to shackle and chain this guy to the floor to get him to stay put so you know he's got to be feeling rough when he misses work. So, we're looking at this delay in childbirth as God's answer since we wouldn't want to jeopardize this baby's health in any way.

Today would put us a week overdue but we're actually doing very well. I think it's funny that my little baby ticker is stuck at the same comment, now! Bill was feeling well enough to go to work and I'm getting a few things done before baby arrives and we plan our move into our new house. God is so good to us and we're excited to see His plan continuing to unfold in our family.

Oh, and we would never leave anyone in the dark about our baby's birth so just know that, unless something happens, you probably won't hear anything. Our family and church friends know this, too.

Until then, I'll leave you with the title question...and other silly things that fly out of people's mouths when a woman is pregnant and overdue *and some great comebacks I can't wait to try out*:

Them: "Are you still pregnant?"
Me: "What??? NOOoooo!!! I'm not pregnant!!! How rude of you to think that!!!"

Them: "You haven't had this baby yet?"
Me: "Oh, but I did have the baby. It wasn't the right one, though, so we had to return it. It took us forever to find the receipt, too..."

Them: "When are you going to have this baby?"
Me: "Just as soon as people stop scaring him/her into staying put. Babies are very sensitive to their environment, you know."

Them: "Any news on the baby?"
Me: "I keep looking, honestly, but Foxnews and CNN just don't give much coverage to this kind of thing, these days. Jerks!"

Them: "Have you tried castor oil/bumpy drives/walking up and down stairs/straddling curbed sidewalks/spicy food/sex?"
Me: "Yes, and nitroglycerine/bungee jumping/throwing myself down you know where I can find illegal explosives?"

Them: "When are you due?"
Me: "Actually, I'm not. This is really embarassing, for me, but I really just developed an eating disorder because deep down I'm very VERY ANGRY!!!"