Monday, March 26, 2012


Truth doesn't have much meaning these days, it seems. What is true today will not be true tomorrow. Just look at our political environment. Our government can create a law or pass an ordinance based on something that someone perceives as true. A generation later that "truth" may not be accepted as such any longer. Truth, it seems, changes with the wind.

Perhaps there are few things that meet that criteria. But the honest truth should not be subject to someone's interpretation. The one thing that does is the fundamental truth of Christianity: The person of Jesus.

It quite apparent that there are those, most perhaps, who are not too keen on the absolutes, or essentials, of Christianity. And that is where we find more and more people opposed to these truths and the most important truth of all.

Pilate asked Jesus the definition of truth when Jesus said: "Everyone is of the truth hears my voice." -- John 18:37

The Truth was standing before Pilate. Pilate then said to the ones wanting to kill him that he found no fault in Jesus. Ah, but others did because of who He said He was.

And who did He say He was?

"I am the way, the TRUTH and the life. no one comes to the follow except through me." -- John 14:6

That's quite hardcore.

And quite dividing.

The question "What Would Jesus Do?" is a question that has become abused in our culture. From those who don't even believe in Jesus it is used to corner a professed believer, often to "remind" that believer that they are to be loving and accepting and not judgmental. From the believer, it is used to make one stop to question purpose and check the heart. But in Matt. 10:34, Jesus said he came to bring division, simply because of who He is. Our acceptance of Him as Lord will divide even a person's family. I see this to some degree in my extended family. I see the more violent reactions to this truth in places like the Middle East and China where, truly, one risks his or her life to declare allegiance to Christ.

In our country, Christians spend a lot of time immersed in pop culture, trying so hard to make our message palatable to the public. Truth is: we can't. All we end up doing is having the public mock our faith. Look recently at the football quarterback Tim Tebow. It was weekly sport for people to ridicule him. It had nothing to do with the Heisman Trophy winner's ability or inability to play at the pro level. He was unabashed about his faith. That rankled people and he took abuse for it.

That is the line in the sand. It really doesn't matter our views on a variety of issues, really. When the basis of those beliefs are rooted in truth, and that is proclaimed as such, it does create division.

I have in the past been told by people, to the effect, "well, if that works for you..." Yeah, it works for me. And it should for you, too. Jesus is God in the flesh. Jesus took my sin and nailed it to the cross. Jesus says to take up my cross and follow him. In essence, I need to come to him and die. There's no good on me. And there's no other way to be reconciled to God. I can't even keep my checkbook balanced on a regular basis. How can I do anything consistent to merit God's favor? It's Jesus and Him alone.

It's a narrow road. It's tough. But it's the Truth.