Wednesday, October 19, 2005

My New Heart-Throb!!!

He's short...only 20 1/2"
He's toothless...but he has a great smile!
He's bald...well, almost bald.
He's fat...for someone who's only 20 1/2" tall.
He's still in diapers...and I'm the one who changes him.
He's younger than 34 years!
He's jobless...unless you count eating, sleeping, and soiling diapers.
He cries a lot...when he's hungry, tired, or sitting in a soiled diaper!

He's quite a departure from the guys I've typically gone for, but I am SO IN LOVE WITH HIM!!!
I've told Bill all about him and he's totally okay with it...even letting him share our bed!

Well, what sane person in this world wouldn't??? Just look at him!


JOE B said...

Awesome, he is a real cutie.
Joe B.

Fran said...

Oh, he's such a little cutie! I'd be in love too!

Carol L said...

Stop it!!! You're making me want another one!!!


He is beautiful, my, my, my!

Love you,
Carol :)

Bill and Glory said...

joe, fran, and carol, thanks for stopping by! We're really enjoying his little-ness because we know all too well it doesn't last very long.


Carol L said...

Don't I know it! You blink and turn around only to find that they're driving!

Love you guys!!!

Carol :)

shannon said...

He's adorable, Glory! I need to hear you pronounce his name, though. :) Is it "Yoo-lee?" And is his full name "Yoo-lee-um?"

So happy for you and Bill!

Bill and Glory said...


Yes he's got us all wrapped around his one-inch pinky.

It's actually Oo-lee (short) and Oo-lee-Yum (long). It's the Celtic form of William from which we get the name Bill. All our kids get long handles so by the time they're 16 they're wishing for names like Betty or Steve.