Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Border Crossings

Going up to B.C. yesterday was a lot of fun. We had the pleasure of taking Glory's sister and niece back across the border so they could fly back to their home today. Our visit, though a short 24 hours, was refreshing. I like being in their presence as they encourage me in my walk with the Lord. I find that I am too serious and regimented. Where's the sweetness of the Lord? In them, I see it, and I want it, too.

Crossing into B.C. was uneventful. The border guard was professional and nice, too.

Coming back into the U.S., well, that's another matter.

I have long thought that my countrymen at the U.S./Canadian border are just a little too serious. The young border enforcement agent who greeted us at the crossing was all business. No smiles. No laughing. Nothing. Not even when he determined that, yes, we were who we said we were, and, yes, these were, in fact, our children, he asked if we were bringing anything into the U.S. The only things we bought were from Tim Hortons, so I responded accordingly.

"Just some Timbits and a cup of coffee," I told him matter-of-factly.

He paused and told us to go on our way.

When we were safely away from the guard, Glory burst out laughing, and suspected that he, despite his demeanor, was laughing, too.

Well, I answered his question, I responded.

That's not what he meant, Glory explained.

We're going back there in a couple of months when Glory heads to Saskatchewan for a week. Perhaps I can bring enough Tim Hortons to even share with the guard when he asks me what I bought in Canada.



Jim Wright said...

If you guys are ever in BC again drop in for coffee or better yet we can go for Timbits.

I am in Abbotsford and 5 minutes from the US border.

Would love to meet you guys



Bill and Glory said...

We were in Abbotsford, actually. We live just about an hour and half from there.

We'll be up there again for sure in September and early October. We'll be sure to connect then. It would be nice to visit.


Anonymous said...

Uncle Bill your hunger for the Lord is encouraging, may we all grow more hungry, more in love with, and more desperate for the lover of our souls :) The one who gave us life, salvation, healing. Praise God! Continue to stay open of how God may want to use you and your family for His Kingdom glory :)

Your neice,
Joy H.