Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Might as well be on a silver platter…

Our daily walk of faith can be so daily, everyday, and ordinary. Weekly schedules are planned, routine, and ritual. Watching the clock becomes watching the calendar until we realize that we woke up and we have to flip the page over, again.

After some time has passed in our right-living and well-doing we begin to question if we are going anywhere. We evaluate our expenditures of time and energy and analyze our effectiveness in getting jobs done. At this point it’s very easy to resort to man’s acknowledgement and recognition to measure of our performance or determine our worth. If a considerable amount of time passes and our inner queries are met with silence it opens us up to discouragement and frustration.

Of course, being honest with ourselves inevitably results in the realization that we really do fall short of the mark. After all, when we know that someone has already gone before us setting the standard for our life, what else do we conclude but that we can never truly measure up? We want to bloom where we are planted or, as Bill likes to say, keep our minds where our backsides sit. But we can’t help but wonder if our interests and abilities are just too foreign to those we associate ourselves with. Perhaps we are in the way of someone else who can do the job better, or we can do our job better somewhere else. Either way, we just have to think we might need a change.

Then change comes, but not as we have predicted or expected. It comes in the form of a blessing. It doesn’t have to be a big blessing, a blessing we have been seeking, or even a blessing that answers any of our questions. But the blessing confirms our place in the body. We are enriched by the blessing and it refreshes in a way that dispels all discouragement and frustrations. And the blessing equips us for the tasks that are ahead of us.

We respond in the most simple and appropriate way: Thank you.


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