Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Really Big KUDOS!

I had the great priviledge of hanging out with Paula, my long-term friend, during the end of September. She's just the kind of woman who inspires, provokes, and coddles me over Szechuan Cashew Chicken (even if she's forking bits off my plate). How we have remained friends over 17 years is a story that we've sworn to never tell, unless a sizable cash and benefits award is involved. If so, please hand over the notebook and pen!

I am extremely proud to say that she has joined the ranks of published authors. True to form, though, she has gone beyond this already considerable feat and has become a publisher as well. Bravo! In September I was her trusty sidekick during a comedy routine/booksigning event where I watched her connect with a broad spectrum of bookstore customers. She is authentic, gutsy, and a blessed lady...who has also overcome the beastly task of setting up her own website...Paula, I knew you could!


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Darlene said...

That is so awesome. I always say that "an author doesn't sell a book--a book sells an author." Now, she needs a blog!