Thursday, February 26, 2009


What is going on here?
After several days of extreme busyness, my family finally had enough.
They all went to sleep!
It's been a tough couple of days for us, with church, friends hanging out at our house, books to look over, problems to solve, this has turned out as one of the craziest weeks on record.
Tonight, I took Glory to church for a women's study she led. Then I took the kids grocery shopping. An hour and a half later we picked up Glory and headed home. Within ten minutes, our oldest boy, crawled into bed and was out! Never have I seen this kid go to sleep that fast. Then, his siblings followed suit. No getting up countless times to go to the bathroom or ask for water. They are done for the day. Then, Glory decided she had had enough and went to bed. Now, this NEVER happens. She usually makes it her policy not to go to bed without me. This time it was different. She's out for the count, too.
So, here I am getting ready to call it quits, too. I'm done.


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Bill & Glory said...

When I awoke to Bill removing my glasses, I also realized I was still fully dressed with my shoes on, wrapped in an old navy blue comforter...Bill said my eyes had a sign on them "CLOSED FOR REPAIRS." - Glory