Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Interrupted Life

So much about today is hardly worth noting. Why I would even write about it is somewhat puzzling. There is nothing significant about the date nor the events which occurred. The only thing that prompts me to record anything at all is one similar theme: interruption.

Every member of our family has been sick to one degree or another for the past couple of weeks, now. I had my turn most recently but have since recovered to a functional level. It was the plan, however, that Bill would take Murron to school early on his way to work so she could have breakfast and, "make some friends," as she expressed it. As the alarm sounded this morning I knew that would simply not be the case. Sure enough Bill slowly shuffled his weakened body to the phone and left a message at the office that he was unable to go in. Murron was already dressed and getting ready to leave so I got prepared to walk her to school. When I opened the door, though, I quickly realized that the rain would soak us both through so I drove our 2nd grader to school.

When I arrived back home Bill quickly excused himself from watching the boys and tucked himself back into bed. I got busy planning a healthful dinner of soup cooked in the crock pot and homemade bread. Midway through the bread rising, however, the power went out. I said something we generally don't like our children to say and placed the shaped bread dough in the refrigerator to slow their rising. I was irritated and reacted poorly, I admit. I thought Bill was awake and burst into our room with the news that our power was out. It wasn't the best move on my part but eventually he forgave the rude awakening. Our candlelit lunch consisted of potato chips and fruit. It was close to an hour and the lights came back on to every ones joy and relief. The bread went into the oven and Aulay went down for a nap.

Elizabeth had agreed to pick Murron up from school this afternoon but I was starting to have my doubts when it was getting closer to the time school lets out and she hadn't yet arrived. Again I prepared to walk the quarter-mile and I saw her at the end of the street. As I caught up with her my annoyance was apparent as I asked her why she was late and stated my opinions on the matter quite forcefully. A short time later, waiting in front of the school, the kids were let out and Murron arrived with only one glove. Perturbed, the three of us retraced her steps and then it was discovered that she had also forgotten her lunch box. Several minutes later than planned, after finding it in the lunch room, we made our way home.

Later this evening, having enjoyed our dinner and a fun movie, we gathered to listen to Bill's Bible reading and pray before bed. There was something in particular that Bill wanted to read, though, and I was slightly bothered at the departure from our normal routine. He found the verses in 2nd Kings chapter 4 where the prophet Elisha foretells that a wealthy woman whose husband was elderly would have a son. This was not part of her plan yet she did become pregnant and gave birth to a son exactly when the prophet said she would. Some years later the boy complained of a headache and was brought to their home and died. Again the woman reminded Elisha that she hadn't wanted anyone to raise her hopes in the first place. Yet after Elisha healed her son she fell at his feet, bowed to the ground, then simply left with her boy.

Recalling all that happened, today, has certainly brought up some unpleasant facts about my reactions to being interrupted. In reality I don't handle disruptions to my plans or expectations well at all. Whether it's a moderate disturbance to my daily routine or an intrusion that greatly alters my schedule I will either become slightly annoyed or completely aggravated. While this definitely isn't any new discovery to me, I am aware of far more important implications, regarding my availability to God for ministry. Opportunities to pray for, encourage, or even assist those that He brings my way don't make it into my itinerary and there usually isn't a lot of advance notice, either. Today I didn't have to look far for those God-interruptions, either, as my husband and kids were all close-by. Except now, at near-midnight, when all are in bed except me. This wasn't planned, either, but that's okay.


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Brock S. Henning said...

Nice post, Glory. I admit that I laughed about the dinner-interrupted power outage, only because that same thing happened to us two Christmases ago. Fortunately we can laugh now -- there was no laughter when it happened. :)