Monday, April 04, 2011

Spring Break Activities for a Rainy Day

Spring Break, here at the haven, is getting off to a soggy start. That's what we get for living in NorthWest Washington! So, with this in mind my search for Spring Break ideas resulted in these ten great activities that will keep our kids busy having fun.

Creative Party Buzz has these top 10 suggestions for Spring Break boredom busters!

1. Put on a Show — Gather the gang and challenge them to stage a play or show off in a talent contest. If they are stuck for ideas, have everyone put their best suggestion in a hat (including you) and draw an idea at random.

2. Get Busy with a Mini-Field Trip — Visit one of your local indoor attractions, such as the bowling alley, skating rink, Laser Tag, indoor pool, climbing wall or even the library. Lots of places offer special events and rates during Spring Break.

3. Get Your Game on! — Raid the game cabinet and find a family favorite to play. Start a puzzle or get active with a game of Twister or Wii.

4. Bring Your Favorite Outdoor Activity Inside — Keep everybody moving by playing a game of Nerf basketball, indoor bowling (roll a rubber ball down the hall to knock over some empty bottles), or beach ball volleyball. You can also come up with lots of fun games using balloons, such as seeing how long you can keep it in the air, or playing monkey in the middle.

5. Have a Treasure Hunt — Make up some clues for your kids to follow to hunt around the house for a hidden treat.

6. Do a craft — Paint, color, make play clay, blow bubbles, or gather up some random bits and pieces and see what your kids’ imaginations can come up with!

7. Exercise — Sometimes a rainy day calls for burning off some extra energy. Break out your exercise videos and get moving. Many cable networks offer lots of exercise shows on demand, or you can usually check out an exercise DVD at your local video store or library.

8. Get Cooking! — Plan a meal or special recipe as a family. Take a trip to the grocery and buy what you’ll need, then come home and work together to prepare your menu. When it’s time to eat, put out your best tablecloth, good china, and some candlelight and enjoy your kitchen creation!

9. Build a Fort — Break out all the cushions, pillows and blankets and build a giant indoor fort. When it is made, pull in your sleeping bags, a special snack, and some flashlights, and cuddle up with a great book.

10. Let it Rain! — Who cares if it’s raining…button up your overcoats, pull on your galoshes, and go play oustide! Run, splash and fool around. Then when everybody is done, gather for a wam bath or some hot chocolate and cookies.

Have a Wonderful Spring Break!


h. rae said...

Of all of those activities, I'd choose to build a fort. Yeah, I guess I still have some kid in me. I used to love to hang blankets all around mine and my sister's bunk beds and make a 'house.'

Anne said...

This is a great list--it's spring break here and rain is forecast for the next two days.