Monday, September 26, 2005

Does It LOOK Like I’ve Had This Baby Yet???

Oh, the questions someone asks a mother-to-be who is quite blatantly due…

The answer should be VERY obvious, wouldn’t you think?

So, yesterday we had a few friends over for dinner. Yes, I did have nearly 24 hours of contractions on Saturday and our midwife confirmed that I am dilating and doesn’t think I’ll go 2 weeks past due (October 2nd, for those who may have forgotten) like the last time. Actually, that was the very reason why we had friends come over for dinner, which I gladly cooked and prepared for. I have never been a sit-around-and-wait-for-hours-until-something-happens person (pre-marriage romances aside, thank you) so my agenda is very simple: do life as usual until something happens. By “something” I do mean either the water breaks (which has never happened), I am paralyzed from the ribcage down with painful contractions (which I hope doesn’t happen), or I have to sit down and rest and feel as though I have chosen a large firm grapefruit for my cushion (which would be exponentially more uncomfortable than it sounds).

As it turned out, the women who came over are so godly and wise that I felt more like their amusing little ragamuffin as we discussed this year’s upcoming ladies’ Bible studies, what God desires for us as wives, and how we can uphold our husbands and the marriages in our church in prayer. I am so humbled and blessed to be in their company and fellowship. Our husbands, likewise, were outdoors near our fire pit enjoying their own conversations. For my husband it didn’t end there as early this morning he went to McDonald’s to study God’s Word with another guy from our church.

For our family we truly have a home within our church. Late Saturday night while Bill and I were relaxing together after the kids were in bed (notice I didn’t say asleep) I let my emotions spill out over the fact that, again, we would be without family for another child’s birth. Being alone is a common thing for both of us as we were alone for our wedding, we are alone for many holidays, and alone now while we anticipate our son’s birth. Yet here God has ministered to our loneliness and has surrounded us with family of His choosing. Our natural family is out of reach but last night we were hugged by sisters and brothers in spirit. We pray for, encourage, and support each other as God intends and, even when we are just laughing over the many mishaps of life, we are connecting in ways that will deepen our relationships with each other and inevitably bless and minister to our church. The love we have and demonstrate toward each other will draw more to our Savior. And that’s the whole point!



Carol L said...

That's rich!

And it proves once again that Jesus is faithful who said there is not one person who has left houses, lands, families, etc., for His sake and for the Gospel who doesn't receive 100-fold blessings now, in this time, brethren, and sisters, and mothers, and children, and lands (and I personally don't even mind the "with persecutions" part) and in the world to come eternal life!

It certainly sounds like you're right where God wants you and that He's smiling on your perseverence to stay with His process of coming into the blessings and the purpose He has for you.

Love you guys!

Carol :)

Trinka said...

Amen to Carol!

Looking forward to hearing about the little one's safe arrival!


Trinka said...

Actually ... from the picture posted on MC, it DOES look like you've "had this baby yet." Congratulations. :)


Christabelle said...

I was actually checking your blog to see if you HAD had that baby yet! But seeing as it's now the 3rd of October and you haven't written, there is a possiblity. Thank you for reminding me to be grateful. Bobby sometimes shakes his head at having to juggle two sets of parents around the holidays. He loves them both, but doesn't like to be locked in. I never thought what it'd be like to be without them. I pray everything is well for you, baby, and fam.

All my love!


Bill and Glory said...

Sorry Christabelle,

Pretty busy around here lately, as you might imagine. It's posted now.

Take care.