Wednesday, August 31, 2005

F R E S H !

Every night for several months Murron, our toddler, has the same routine. She gets her diaper changed (potty training is forthcoming), she gets into her pyjamas WITHOUT any help (as she exclaims, "I try! I try!"), and she brushes her teeth (as we exclaim, "Open! Open!). This is capped off with her favorite part of oral hygiene: FRESH! It's when we pour a small portion of mouthwash into the cap and she swishes it around for a few seconds, before the flavor and antiseptic agents start to sting her tongue, then spits it into the sink. We give her a bit of water to drink and when she has swallowed her 4th sip we take her out of the bathroom and she proceeds to make her rounds. She walks up to each one of us and says, "Smell my fresh?" and sends a short puff of minty breath to our smiling faces. She gets the same reply every time: "Mmmm, fresh!" She smiles and goes to the next willing recipient of fresh.

Murron has her words for everything. For more than a year she has used a word to ask for things: GOGGY. It's definitely a word of her own invention but I think we have all borrowed it from time to time. I've even caught myself using it to ask Bill to hand me something when the kids are asleep or otherwise occupied. Just the night before last she said, "Goggy?" to ask me for the digital recorder that we were using to record her singing, "Stop! And let me tell you, what the Lord has done for me." Another word is NEE NEE, which describes every food and beverage known to man. Oh, she knows what juice, milk, cereal, cookies, hot dogs, and chicken is. But nee nee suffices when she's just plain hungry and wants something yummy to fill her tummy. And when she is at a loss for words and doesn't know what something is she has a special word for that as well: A TU.

Bill and I know that these days won't last and one day all we will have is her recorded voice. That will give us comfort when her voice no longer resembles the one we will document and save and cherish for many years to come. In fact, I really think that her words will make it into a lexicon along with toddler-ese throughout the centuries. And we can be the proud parents of a history maker.



Trinka said...

Oh Bill & Glory, I DO enjoy my little visits to your family through your blog. :) What a sweetie your little girl sounds like!


Je t'aime said...

I still remember all the words my little brother came up with. Isn't it such a refreshing sense of simplicity and innocence?

It is a joy to have such reminders from you until we shall have the little reminders around ourselves.

Carol L said...

My mama said that one of my first words in toddlerese was "Cackoo." She said it took her the longest to finally figure out that I was saying "Thank you" after putting together the context of hearing "Cackoo" after my receiving something yummy for my tummy from her or some other delightful treat.

If you're the ones who'll be starting that book, perhaps "Cackoo" will go down in in the pages of history too, eh?

What a precious little one! Can't wait for news of the new arrival!

Love you,
Carol :)

Rudi and Geneva said...

How cute are our children! God Bless them!

Love you guys,

Bill and Glory said...

trinka, visit as often as you like! We love hearing of your adventures as well.

je t'aime, simplicity, innocence, and endless sweetness.

carol, it's good your mama lets you know what you were like as a toddler. I had no such warning and now I'm raising little Glory-clones!

geneva, and your girls are certainly as cute as bugs and butterflies. We love your family!


Gina Burgess said...

Now, that is delightful :) Do remember these days, Glory, for the day will come when you look at your daughter and think, 'Who are you? What have you done with my sweet daughter?' But, she will come back, I promise ;)

Glory said...

Glad I stopped back here for another look-see; I'd forgotten how fresh and witty this blog is. Keep it up!