Monday, January 30, 2006


"Honey, come here." I called from the kitchen.

Bill walked into the room and followed my gaze to the skylight in our ceiling.

"Do you see that?" I asked.

"Yeah...did that just start?" Bill asked.

"I think so." I responded.

It had been overcast in the morning then the rain started to fall, first in sprinkles then increasing to sheets of wind-driven rain. I had watched as the transparent waves landed on the pavement like a colossal irrigation system had been turned on. Now it was dark and the relentless splatters were only heard on our rooftop.

Bill found a pen and marked the parameter of what was a wet spot on our ceiling. Time passed and when we saw that the spot was growing too quickly to leave alone I cringed as Bill announced that he would have to put a tarpaulin over the flashing above the skylight.

"Will you need my help?" I offered.

"Yes, I will." Bill affirmed.

Bill brought out the ladder while I dressed in grunge-gear anticipating plenty of yuck. The yuck was definitely there as I watched Bill cross our yard that was now a bog and dig the tarp and some fence posts that we hoped would hold the tarp down. I waited for him to climb up the ladder and then I started handing him the posts.

"Should I come up there?" I asked with faltering bravery.

"No." was Bill's firm reply.

He's so protective, I thought.

The wind was racing at 7 miles per hour, leaving us to feel as though we were working amid 37 degrees F. The raindrops hit our faces at gravity defying angles.

"I need more posts." Bill yelled from the rooftop.

I made the short journey across our lawn thinking about how many times I have braved storms with this man. More than I would have expected to in the four years we have been married. Of course, in Washington, there are storms a plenty, both figurative and literal.

"This tarp won't stay down, I need my weights." Bill decided.

I went into the garage and brought his 10 lb weights, two of them, exactly the same as our son's weight. But even that wasn't enough as he sent me back to retrieve his 25 lb weights. They were heavy but, again, I considered how often I lugged my schoolbooks across campus or toted our kids around in my arms. I held the weights against my chest as I brought them to Bill.

Just as I handed him the first 25 lb weight the lights in our house and on the homes around us went off. Bill described a blue light that flashed to the south of the community then also went dark. Our kids were inside our house but my husband was on the roof in this storm and he needed to get finished quickly before anything worse happened.

"Do you want me to help you?" I asked again, taking his hand.

"No!" he yelled, "Get me the other weight, I have to get down fast."

I can trust this man, I thought as I handed him the other weight and the lights came on again. I helped him down the ladder by holding his foot and placing it on the steps. Then we hurried inside where our kids were visibly shaken but otherwise fine.

Later on the power went out, again. We were all inside, we had plenty of candles, yet I still worried about the kids and our home.

I am on the roof, I am in the house, and I am taking care of you.

God, you are so protective.

Yes, and I won't ask you to do anything that is impossible without Me.

I can trust You.



Trinka said...

What a beautiful encouragement this morning. Thank you.

(and I hope your roof problem proves to be cheaply-fixed!)


Carol L said...