Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Weekend To Remember Marriage Conference

We finally did it.

We planned, prepared, and prayed for Bill and I to get away for a childfree weekend. The idea was to go to a marriage conference because, as you might have read, our marital bliss is in jeopardy. We wanted to spend the time with some friends who were like-minded - minus the marriage in jeopardy part. As some friends who have attended similar conferences have attested, the sessions are fantastic, the leaders are experts in their field and NEVER argue or disagree in the privacy of their homes, and the people who attend spend wonderful romantic moments frolicking on surf-swept sandy beaches. Surely this was the medicine that Bill and I needed.

As our friends discovered, however, the conference was sold out. AAaacckkk!!! Didn't they realize that WE were teetering on the edge of despair and doom? Wouldn't they make a tiny exception because of our looming demise? Hadn't they room for two huddled spirits seeking safety and refuge in the embrace of their wisdom? We were distraught. Could anyone hear our pleas for help and hope?

Yes, oh, YES!!!

Mark and Karen heard our pitiful cries and intervened as only two friends could.

They booked a suite at a resort and we made arrangements for our children to be cared for by Rudi and Geneva . Then we packed for three days and two nights of desperately necessary coupletime...


We had fun, laughed, cried, bared our souls, ate five star gourmet dishes prepared by someone else, and God was present in ALL. From conversations in the hot tub to walks along the beach reading Psalm 148, we were being carefully and delicately connected and we know we are incomparably better for it.

So...we're thinking maybe next weekend...perhaps???



Carol L said...


Bill and Glory said...

Hey! Thanks for popping in, Carol.

How are you doing, these days?

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you two had a great time. I desperately need to take my wife to one of these as she is wanting to get a divorce. We are both Saved Christians but she says she is not in love with me anymore. Do you think that this conference would help?

Anonymous said...

I just did a google search for weekend to remember and your blog came up. Our very dearest friends in the world are going through a hard time in their marriage right now and it just breaks my heart. It isn't any one big thing, just the same fallen out of love thing. They have just started marriage couseling. Do you think this Weekend to Remember thing would help them?

Bill & Glory said...

Wow, I didn't realize anyone was commenting on these. My apologies.

Anonymous 1: Yes I firmly believe that any seasoned advice and support helps a wounded and suffering marriage. I think the key is recognizing that it isn't fault on one just person's end but rather both need to repent of wrongdoing and start heading down a path of healing and restoration.

Anonymous 2: Bill and I didn't personally attend the conference, it was sold out before we could, BUT we know of friends who have gone, one who was in an unhealthy marriage and it seemed to help them, at least for the time being.