Thursday, November 02, 2006

It's Over And I Didn't Even Know It.

Bill and I are getting a divorce.

I had no idea!

And neither did he!!!

While he was at the gym, yesterday, an associate that he knows was asking him how things are going. They made a little small talk. Then she blindsided him with this question:

"So, how is the divorce going?"

Bill was stunned.

"We're not getting a divorce," he replied.

But still he was doubtful. Was I telling him everything? Did he miss something? Would I speak to him about this?

He called me and said, "I have a serious question."

"How serious?" I asked, playfully.

"Oh, quite serious," he replied, gravely.

"What's the question?" I inquired.

"Are we getting a divorce?" He asked, sternly.

"Not that I know of. Are we?" I returned.

"No..." he answered and proceded to tell me of his encounter.

So, last night we told our home fellowship group about it which stunned them as well.

No one knew except the lady at the gym.

Maybe I need to work out more often, and visit with that lady. She seems to know some things.



Anonymous said...

while not to laugh at the poor misinformed lady, thank God it got to you before she decided to "share" with other people!!! here from the Christian Bloggers blogroll, it's nice to 'meet' you

Bill and Glory said...

Nice to meet you too, tess. And thanks for the wise comment as well.

mcwiggins said...

Weird. Yet another reason not to go to the gym. Strangers question you about bizarre gossip that isn't true.

Carol L said...

Well, 3 cheers to you for the way you cleared THAT up!!! My goodness!

Annette said...

That was just too weird. Be glad that you have a good relationship where you can mention these things to each other without a lot of fear.