Monday, April 06, 2009

Same Space, Different Look

There's not that much different about our house. Just looks a little different.

When we bought our house almost two years ago we thought it was HUGE. But as the kids have gotten older, we are learning very quickly how that just is not so.

Our little boys have been sharing a room for more than a year now. As the littlest one gets closer to two, he has been the one who has kept his brother awake and gotten him to wake up at an ungodly hour of the morning, forcing him to tattle to his sleepy and, eventually, grumpy mom and dad that his little bro is doing something wrong...about five times every morning before we all have to get up before washcloths are flushed down the toilet, curtains are ripped apart or entire contents of cereal boxes are emptied out on the kitchen table and onto the floor.

Something had to be done.

We always wanted an office, but now that dream is no more. Our office now is in our sanctuary, our marriage chamber; something that we never wanted. But sanity at this point is more important than precious space, so little Aulay now has his own room, allowing his brother to finally get some decent sleep.

I will say it has been a little sad while it has brought relief. Aulay seems too little to have a room all to himself. He's only two, but already he seems to have grown up in his small way. Soon, though, we will make it into a place that he can relax in, with pictures of dogs, horses or trains. He will grow to like it. At least we hope so.

But if he gets lonely, anyone will gladly open their rooms to him to give him comfort and company, including us.

But we sure hope he gives us a few days. We need the rest.


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