Tuesday, March 02, 2010

A Change In The Weather

It smells like Spring, now. With slightly warmer days and longer evenings the air has a fresh sweetness that coaxes any Winter weary slumberer out from hibernation. Birds have returned to chatter melodically about the best nesting materials and fine earthy dining spots. And lawn mowers drone steadily in the afternoons.

In many ways last year seemed like an extended Winter. Personal struggles, health concerns, and tragic losses blew into our lives, the unexpected blizzards leaving us chilled and drifted over. Our faith has been tested in ways we never anticipated and our hope was frequently challenged. Yet the unfailing love of God kept us safe and sheltered throughout the long cold season.

I am certain that it was this subtle shift in the air that compelled me to drag out decades worth of accumulated clutter and begin sorting and tossing. As boxes were emptied and bins were refilled with photos and other keepsakes it became apparent that this ambitious project would not be easily or quickly accomplished. I couldn't hurry this through no matter how ruthless I tried to be just like the seeds can't rush their own germination and growth past layers of dirt and mulch. And this is inevitably messy work, the passage of time having resulted in dust and deterioration. Each box released a musty scent that wafted through the room. I even found a small stone pot of perfume crystals that I bought at the U of S. The deep amber fragrance continues to float through our room amidst the odor of yellowing papers and attic dust.

Spring is coming. Despite the months of sedentary existence the earth is still alive and well. As it wakes it perfumes the atmosphere surrounding us with sweet hope, heady delight, and lingering peace. And I inhale deeply with gratitude and relief that my Lord, again, has renewed my heart.


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