Friday, March 04, 2011


"But a woman dishonors her head if she prays or prophesies without a covering on her head, for this is the same as shaving her head. Yes, if she refuses to wear a head covering, she should cut off all her hair! But since it is shameful for a woman to have her hair cut or her head shaved, she should wear a covering."
1 Corinthians 11:5, 6

You know, I don't actually have a problem with these verses!

Call me old fashioned or stereotyped but shaved hair on a woman does not look feminine. I understand that there are women who do so because of health reasons or to promote awareness of health issues. As a matter of choice, however, I will grow my hair to whatever length I am able. Maybe I feel this way because my hair has always been thin and fine like baby's hair. Nonetheless, I have gained quite an appreciation for attractive and stylish headwear ever since hats reemerged as the fashion must-haves they, in my candid opinion, have always been.

So, here's a few of the possibilities I have enjoyed discovering and will keep my eyes and available cash ready for:

Super fun and fabulous!

Elizabeth totally rocks the beret look. So not fair!

Classy yet can work with a pair of good jeans or long black skirt.

My favorite! Outrageous, bold, and still sophisticated. I LOVE the French!!!



h. rae said...

Hi Glory! I too have long, uncut hair due to the Biblical belief that that is how God has designed us. My hair isn't baby-fine like yours; it's quite thick, dark and reaches my knees at it's longest point. I keep it in elegant rolls at the nape of my neck. There really is so much one can do with long hair.

marty carpenter meeker said...

Hello Glory, I was just surfing and ran into you blog. I kind of feel like I am intruding because you don't know me. However, I just have to respond to your "covering". I am 69 years old and am a new bride of 1 1/2 years. I am pentecotal and so is my husband, but he is also apostolic, which means that the women do not cut their hair. I have had all lengths over the years but now that I would love to have long thick beautiful hair again, it is not going to happen. I also am a hat person and when the hair just won't behave I cover it up!