Wednesday, March 02, 2011

lovely tangle

Recently I have read several blogs that have been refreshing and comforting to me as I struggle to make sense of how I am to spend my days and hours and minutes. What has really inspired me the most is how real and open these writers are in sharing their lessons learned, their wisdom gained, and their sins forgiven. I have felt necessarily uncomfortable as their stories have shed a gentle light into the hiding places of my heart and mind. It has confirmed how much farther I have to go in appropriating God's mercy and grace toward me and sharing those holy virtues with others.

lovely tangle is my open journal and outpouring of prayer and praise to the One who gives me courage and strength to be who He has called me to be. I want to invite you, readers and friends, to walk with me and offer your insights into this mysterious world of God's unending love and grace. I hope you visit whenever you can!


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Anita said...

Thanks for visiting with me at Busy Hands Busy Minds. I love getting to know folks from all over the world via blogland. I consider it a huge honor that you have listed me in your blog line-up! Wow!!

And I haven't bought boxed mac and cheese in years and was quite proud of myself. Now you have me wanting some for dinner! LOL!!