Thursday, April 05, 2012

Heaven and Hell: A good dose of perspective

I love the Pacific Northwest, but I have to say, the rain of this winter got me down in the dumps.
The other day while running I remember getting panicky while watching yet another cloud bank roll in and vomit out more raindrops. When would this end? Anyone around here would tell you that we haven't dried out in two years. It's just been wet, wet, wet. The ground is soggy all the time. The killer moss is overtaking everything. Squirrels look demonic as they scurry up grotesque lichen-encased trees. It's horrible in this dark corner of hell. What could top this off? A tsunami? Mount Baker exploding and laying down a thick layer of lava. Yes! Bring it on! Put us out of our misery. I've been wanting to tell wandering tourists who stop me for directions, "Welcome to Hell's outhouse."
But wait. Yesterday, spring seemed to finally say, "Yes, I am here." And while pruning our spruce trees yesterday afternoon, I felt myself snap out of it. I felt...nicer, calmer.
While running last night, it actually felt warm. I saw others out walking, biking and jogging. People had smiles on their faces. People were greeting friends on the street, yelling over the traffic when they would get together and have that weekend BBQ. There was even a car full of young people pulled over by a cop. Believe it or not, that was a good sign. People are getting out more. I heard laughter and cheering. I wasn't even bothered by the bleeding blister on my heel.
There are clouds in the sky as I write but there is a yellow orb in the sky, too. Day two of change. I want to chase my kids in the yard. I want to release all the Chihuahuas from the animal shelter and throw Frisbees for them. I want to hug everyone and share my food with them.
Our famous tulips here are ready to bloom. The daffodils already are out in full color. We're watching the buds of apples and plum trees take shape. And we already can taste the blackberries and blueberries that are in abundance in our Garden of Eden. People from all over the Northwest are making their way to our corner of Paradise to see what's so special about this place.
So, maybe life isn't as bad as it seemed a couple of weeks ago.
What a difference a little good weather makes.


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