Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A Hopeful Start

It is May 3rd! When did I fall off the planet and let the months go by so quickly without doing anything remotely productive? Okay, so I only have 2 kids, one on the way, a hard-working husband who's mending our fence in his *cough*spare*cough* time, and I have the usual stay-at-home busy stuff. But really, I've had no excuse.

Yesterday, while I was helping Bill with the fence, demolishing rotten panels and sawing off the posts, I was plotting my gardening strategy. We're going to dig up the turf, haul in some bark dust, settle in some pavers, plant some trees and shrubs, and basically attempt to transform our home Martha Stewart style on a trailer park budget. I can see the fruit of our efforts in my mental viewfinder but I know the work will be strenuous and sweaty. I know it's totally possible, though, because we've actually begun. It's kind of like when the ground has been cleared to begin building the foundation of a new home. We've moved beyond intent into the realm of implementing the intent. Pretty exciting!

It's making me think of how often I've avoided executing my well-considered plans and missed out on knowing how great the possibilities were. If I had been diligent in the things that I know God had placed on my heart to do, I would have known the reward of doing those things. Recently it is spending quiet time with the Lord before the kids wake up. I am blessed with children who know how to sleep in (and blessed with the ability to homeschool as well). Since I determined to reserve that time alone with Him, and have begun it, I have seen that it really is possible to gain the Lord's approval. I know that He is with me throughout my day, and I can even see His hand on the lives of my husband and children. All because I actually applied myself to the thing God had called me to do. Hebrews 11:6 says: "So, you see, it is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to Him must believe that there is a God and that He rewards those who sincerely seek Him." I am sincerely seeking and I know He will be found.


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