Thursday, May 26, 2005

Loyalties and just desserts

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThis week, my boss has been unjustly attacked and given a no-confidence letter by members of the unionized segment of the employees.

On Tuesday her picture was on the front page of the newspaper among unfounded and groundless accusations by these upstanding members of our organization. Today there was a meeting about this issue attended by all sorts of people: those of us on her staff who are by her side suffering with her; her bosses who are trying to find a politically nice way of getting out of this mess that the union created; the union members themselves, salivating at the hope of a fresh kill so they can swoop in and tear her apart; and the media to record the slaughter for posterity.

Today, I truly felt what it's like when the scriptures say to weep with those who weep. How painful it has been to watch my boss and friend go through this mess. There were times in today's meeting I wanted to reach back and knock a few teeth out of the heads of those leading this nonsense. I also wanted to put some of my old reporter skills to good use and dig some dirt on these clowns. There is some that could come in quite handy right now.

But, while I was sitting in the meeting, I believe God spoke to me about revenge and trust. He reminded me about David, who asked why those who are evil seem to be successful, while those trusting in God get kicked to the curb. The same frustrating thing happens today. So, all I can do is trust that truth will prevail here and those who unjustly did this deed will pay. Perhaps it won't be the way I want, but there will be a day when all will come to light. That's a hard pill to swallow but it's the only way to go.

Then again, I could join the mob and call in some boys named Guido "The Face" Faduchi or Tony "Nails" Sarduchi and let them do some business. Would be nice.


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