Friday, July 29, 2005

Blogging In Proxy

Even after getting up with Bill this morning, making a blueberry cobbler for his Advanced Spanish class's potluck, and having my devotional study, I have nothing. I am still in bed dreaming about diapers and lost kittens. So, I will share a poem that Bill wrote just before our first anniversary. I giggle whenever I read it just because it describes us perfectly as a couple. He has broadened my sense of humor in unimaginable ways, and I am blessed to laugh with him often. Enjoy!

I thought I saw you
when you looked at me
but that was no
was it?
You're laughing on the
You're ripping a gut
You're hyperventilating
You're beside yourself
Watching me
Funny bones
"You're crazy," you say
Over and over
Goofy pants
I'm a clown, taken away by shaving cream
And hand animals
barking on your stomach
Silly pants
I'm glad you enjoy your stay
your visit to this
Wedded Amusement Park
At least we're not watching paint dry

Bill - January 17, 2003


Lori Seaborg said...

I just love what he wrote! If that describes your life, then you have a rich one, indeed.

Now hurry on over here with that blueberry cobbler!

Bill and Glory said...

:-) lori, I would love to bring you some blueberry cobbler, or even some of the strawberry rhubarb crisp I have to take out of the oven shortly.

Honestly speaking, there is so much I would love to do for so many people: clean the house, do laundry, shop for groceries, watch the I think that's why I try to let my words speak directly from my heart because this is the closest I will ever get to bringing anyone blueberry cobbler. And I hope it's just as sweet.


Gina Burgess said...

What a treasure! You are completely blessed and I rejoice with you :)

Fran said...

How are you baking at a time like this?! I'm hot and whiny! (Although I just made Strawberry Delight and an eclair cake but that's beside the point!) I love to bake (food items) but not in the summer! Bill's poem sounds a lot like our life! Can't wait to see you!

Bill and Glory said...

Gina, Bill really is a treasure and I know we have a blessed life. God is truly good.

Fran, it was delightful to see you, Shannon, and everyone else! And thanks to the two of you, I have a dessert to bring to the Pregnancy Choices barbecue tonight (eclair cake).


Carol L said...


Blessings do definitely abound in the BluGlo household!