Friday, July 01, 2005

Random Thoughts: my belly, roses, and tantrums

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Belly: Now that I have officially transitioned into my third and last trimester I am so happy that people know better than to ask me things like, "Are you having twins?" or "It looks like you're having a big baby!" or worse, "I had no idea you were expecting. When you have your baby then I can see how skinny you really are." Please, to anyone reading this, when a woman is pregnant it's not a good time to just let stupid things fly out of your mouth. Also, think about asking permission to touch her growing belly before you place a hand on her pudgy middle. You'd never do that to any non-pregnant lady would you?
Roses: Besides my slowly stretching abdomen, I have another new obsession that is literally taking over our home: roses. Bill has known since before we started courting that roses were my favorite flower. They're colorful, elegant, and smell wonderful either left on the shrub or arranged in a vase. On Sunday we picked out our third rose from our favorite nursery: Thompson's Greenhouse. They know my face very well, there. Anyway, we selected a rose that would accessorize a corner of our yard just a little but still provide enough interest to the look of our property. We found a gorgeous yellow hybrid called Radiant Perfume that smells like a bowl of lemons and oranges. Then yesterday Bill brought home the vase of roses that his Spanish professorio had brought into the class and I am anxious to know what the name of the pale purple rose with a heady citrus perfume is. I am leaning toward the Fragrant Lavender Simplicity® Hedge Rose from Jackson & Perkins but it could also be Moon Shadow. Have you ever thought about the names of roses? Like Scent From Above...Sisters At Heart...Blaze Of Glory (I was naturally drawn to that one).
Tantrums: Speaking of thorny things, I am gradually learning that I have a lot more energy and stamina than I ever thought possible. Yes, for those in-the-know, I have a 2 year-old, and she's not about to let me forget it soon. It's all in the eyes. Whether it's picking up our new little ki-ki and hauling her everywhere, getting under the bathroom sink to play with foot spa treatments, or grabbing anything and everything within reach on counters, tables, desks, and shelves, it's written in her little green eyes. Yesterday was actually a fairly calm day, but maybe it's just because I diverted her often. When she was starting to get "the look" I gave her a bath. When she didn't want her grilled cheese sandwich anymore I wrapped her in her blankie and watched Little Bear with her. I'm not so naive to think this is a permanent solution but, for one day, all was relatively peaceful and calm. And I am bracing myself for today...

...I think I'll ask Bill to pick up another rose bush.

***Happy Canada Day*** from one displaced Canuck to another.



Christabelle said...

Glory, I can't believe you're in your last trimester! I'm so excited! I can so understand trying to keep up with a little one. Mine turns 14-months in less than two weeks!

Bill and Glory said...


When I saw your comment I thought, "Hey! I know you!" How are things? It's really amazing how kids grow up so quickly.
I looked at your blog and I really enjoyed what you've written, so far.


Carol L said...

That was the thing that shocked me the most about being pregnant. I couldn't BELIEEEVE how people just act like pregnancy is the perfect excuse for open season and a free-for-all on any and every dumb and inappropriate comment that could be said to a woman - at ANY time much less when hormones rage and abound in pregnancy! I know I had to have been looking at people in my daily rounds with this like, "Here, let me help you with that spirit of stupid that's on you and going to seed; prepare very quickly to meet my fist." I wasn't saved then, lol...

I don't know if you saw a post on my blog about my first try growing roses this past Spring. So far, so good - except I did go a little too long between rose food feedings and have had a bit of a bare spurt with blooms on my Jackson and Perkins "Simply Marvellous" roses. I have several new buds coming on, though. I understand completely. I've been bitten by the rose bug myself. I still think about the one that got away. It was in the half-price ring at the local nursery. It was put there during the winter when the tag had been lost and the grower didn't know what it was. It had the most delicate pink blossoms I'd ever seen. I was 6 days away from pay day when I first spotted it. It had been there for months. And, of course, someone else spotted it before pay day came, and that was the end of that. Now I'll ever be in search of a delicate pink blossom such as that from here until when some grower comes up with one.


It sounds like the 2 of you had a wonderful day. Here's to many more wonderful and peaceful days - even the days in the life of a 2-year-old. :)

Love ya,
Caroil :)

Kim said...

You look so cute! Seriously, I wish I looked that cute when I was pregnant. :) Congrats!

Christabelle said...

I thought that when I saw your link on Fran's blog, so I thought I'd say, "hello!" Thanks for the kind words, I really like yours too!

Bill and Glory said...

Carol, yes, being pregnant really builds character, sometimes.

Kim, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :-)

Christabelle, I'm going to link your blog, if that's okay.


Christabelle said...

If you'd like. :)