Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Like Mighty Warriors

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThe house was an oven, last night. And I was a Thanksgiving turkey getting roasted slowly while my inner moisture reserves were exuding from my pores in a vain attempt to cool off the rest of my body. I was envisioning a Seinfeld type of moment where my family would sniff the air and ask me if we were having fried chicken for supper. Something drastic needed to be done. Elizabeth and I set to work rearranging the living room furniture to clear an area near our screenless windows (we’re working on that one). It was then that I found my copy of With All Their Heart by Christine Yount. From reading the introduction I knew I would like this book as Christine writes: “Welcome to this journey where I will tell stories from ours and others’ sojourns. The chapters are short for the busiest people on the planet – parents (I couldn’t stifle an Amen! when I read that). Dig into the Scriptures to allow the Holy Spirit to lead you into God’s revelation of truth.”

So, today, I am going to do just that, and leave you with the reflections from Chapter 5: Like Mighty Warriors. Hey, if I have to endure conviction so do you!

1. How would you answer the question, “Do you love God?”
2. How would your actions answer the question, “Do you love God?”
3. Consider whether you’ve defaulted your role as your children’s primary Christian educator to your church. If so, what changes do you need to make?
4. If you were tried in court, what evidence would there be to the living presence of God in your life?
5. Which things are present in your life from the list in Psalm 112 (fear of the Lord, delight in God’s commands, graciousness, compassion, generosity, justice, a steadfast heart that trusts in the Lord, no fear, triumph over your enemies)?
6. What is God calling you to do differently in order to be the example for your children that you need to be?



shannon said...

Hi Glory!

Sounds like a thought-provoking book. Have fun! :)

I could so relate to your sweltering description. I'm surviving this weather by reminding myself that Christmas is less than four months away.

Hey! We can't wait to see you this Sunday. And I can't wait to get my hands on that CD demo! Thanks so much for putting me on your list. :)

Bill and Glory said...

Shannon, well I have a shorter attention span that I like to admit so this book is perfect for me.

Hey, yeah, we'll see you! We're actually going to camp it at Lake Goodwin. I think they have showers so we won't come in smelling like burnt marshmallows. As for the CD it is a very raw recording so bear with the old upright piano sound and occasional flat note.


Fishkrisser <> said...

So you have musical talents as well as blogging huh? I didn't know that. Well since your going to be at CCM this Sunday then chances are that I'll meet you.

Bill and Glory said...

Fish, we look forward to it!