Friday, August 05, 2005

It's Your Day, Baby!!!

You captured my heart and made me feel safe Image hosted by
You lead our family in wisdom and humility Image hosted by
You build a life that is special and create memories to cherish Image hosted by
You are my friend, my lover, and my partner for life and you make me feel like a queen every day Image hosted by

I love you, honey. Have a blessed birthday!!!


Trinka said...

awwwwww ... how sweet. :)

Happy birthday Bill!

Handy, how your family organizes all the birthdays in the same week ... :) :)


Carol L said...

Happy Birthday King Blue!

Blessings on ya bro!

Carol :)

Jana said...

Happy birthday!

My parents love Tillamook Cheese - they were out there last summer.

Fran said...

I'm late here too! Happy b-day Bill! (Where can I get one of those queen cutouts? I'd like one with a teeny waist like the one you were peeking out of. If I find one I think I'll just carry it around in front of me! I wonder if they have them for the backside too...)

Fishkrisser <> said...

I think your King and Queen pics are awesome. Happy B-day!

Bill and Glory said...

Thanks, everyone. I had a good birthday, thanks to Glory and her comida del mexicano.