Saturday, March 04, 2006


For the past week I have been solo parenting while Glory has been seeing family. Now, I think I do this pretty well: the house always is clean, the dishes always are done and there isn't laundry to do. I am sure that if it were necessary I could garner many awards at being house husband.

But the other day when I was checking in with Glory she remarked: "So the house is clean but it's lonely..."

Yep. That is true. Lonely it is.

Oh sure, I have had fun with the kids. We've made paper airplanes. We played Bear Bowling (We stood markers on their ends on the squares of our tile floor and then bowled them over with stuffed bears -- or launched them into the markers from across the living room. Way cool!) And we cooked different meals together.

But we've done it alone. And that stinks.

Good thing that our days of flying solo are over. And when we do have to go it alone for a while, we can take some comfort in knowing that it doesn't last long.

Just one more day!


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Carol L said...

She made it back and everything's back to normal, right?

Love yas,
Carol :)