Thursday, March 16, 2006

Waiting For Him

This morning I was blessed with Bill's lingering presence as he didn't have to leave our house until later than usual. We shared banana bread, coffee, and devotions before he finally pried himself away from my pleas of, "Come home early..."

It isn't always like this, though. Most mornings our home is much quieter when he leaves for work. Most mornings are like this...

He doesn't wake me when he gets up to have his shower. I am still asleep. He dresses for work noiselessly while I dream my last dreams. I don't hear him leave our room to get coffee and grab a little breakfast. I only hear him when his hand touches the doorknob to our bedroom door.

He comes back into our room and wakes me gently. He says, "I have to go to work, Honey." Sleepily I kiss him before he leaves. Then I listen. I listen to his footsteps through the house. I listen to the door open and close. I listen to the engine start. I listen to him drive away.

Then it begins. I tend to the house. I care for our baby. I get breakfast for our toddler. I get our oldest daughter started on homeschooling. I get the bed made. I call him to ask him what he’s doing. I straighten up the dining area. I make lunch for our kids.

I do some laundry. I call a friend or two. I keep our baby happy. I hug our toddler before she takes a nap. I visit with our oldest. I call him to ask what he'd like for dinner. I clean the living room. I play some music.

I am busy. Not so much with tasks, chores, and projects. My mind is busy with memories of being with him. I am thinking about him throughout all I do. My heart is busy with emotion, passion, and longing. Because the truth of the matter is, I am not really busy doing anything. I am a homemaker only secondary to what I am truly occupied with. When he comes home from work and asks me what I have done all day, I must tell him the truth. Nothing else has demanded my attention as much as this. I was waiting for him.

As a believer of Jesus, no matter what else I do with my days, I'm waiting for Him, too.



Carol L said...

Yeppers! Paul did compare marriage between a man and a woman to the relationship between Jesus and the church!

Love you guys! So much!!!

Carol :)

Gina Burgess said...

Glory, what you do is so much deeper than what you realize. You are building foundations for your children. You are forging bonds stronger than any man made steel. Your work is God-designed and God-divined and God-bestowed.

Of course that isn't what you intended with your post, but I just wanted to emphasize this because I think it so incredible important!