Friday, March 10, 2006


As expected, when I arrived in Seattle the first face I saw was Elizabeth's and she lit up like 4th of July fireworks when I smiled and opened my arm - the one not holding Ulie - and hugged her close to me. I heard Bill call out, "Come back, Murmur!" then I saw her bouncing toward him and I saw her smile at me. I stooped down to squeeze her a little before she wiggled out of my grasp. When I saw Bill I felt a warm rush like the aroma of banana nut bread coming out of the oven.

I was home.

I think I could live anywhere on earth with my husband and children and, foreign or not, I would be home.

We talked as we waited for my baggage to make its appearance on the carousel then Bill handed me a vente coffee from Starbucks. I couldn't take my eyes off him, it felt so nice to see his smile and hear his laugh again. How perfectly sweet and comforting.

I'm sure this is almost exactly what getting to Heaven is going to be like.


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mcwiggins said...

Glory - What a wonderful way to describe the feeling I previously thought was indescribable.

Hope you had a good trip - the Craigs have had a few solo trips this year, eh? And I hope you made it home easier than Bill did on his trip.