Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Murron-Bones' Birthday

You are eight years old today.

That is so hard to believe! You are still as sweet, as adorable, and as innocent as the day you were born but your sass and smarts give it away that you're well beyond babyhood. You're not even a toddler or preschooler. You know too much and you've grown too big. Just not so big that you don't tearfully explain with quivering chin that someone hurt your feelings. Not so old that you don't kiss our lips when we say goodnight. And not quite grown up enough to not need our loving reminders or discipline. But big enough to ask if you can walk yourself a quarter of a mile to school (NO). Old enough to tell the orthodonstist the complicated tongue-tying four-syllable last name of your reading teacher. And grown up enough to listen to our instruction and wisdom and obey even when you don't understand.

You love to have fun, have a gorgeous smile, and possess a fabulous sense of humor. You are an artist, organizer, big sister, little mommy, faithful friend, and beloved daughter. We love you, our Murron-Bones!

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